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Ever wanted to have a creative session centered around you and your creativity? Maybe you are wondering where to start with digging out of your creative burnout. Or perhaps you want to talk through how to find areas to be more creative in your life. 

Welcome to One-on-One Creative Sessions with Cari: A personalized way to create a plan for your creative life.

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Together we Can


Create a blueprint for your creativity that makes sense for you


Talk through your creative struggles and burnout


Hone in on your unique creative type

If you're excited by the idea of digging into your unique creativity 

This is for you!

It's so easy to get lost in our heads when it comes to who we are as creatives. Break out of the spiral with a 1:1 session with me! Together we can work through creative ideas you've been exploring, what might be holding you back, and how you can navigate forward. 

If you're feeling ready to get serious about saying yes to a more creative life, this is great way to start!

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Begin by filling out the Creative Sessions form 


Once submitted, follow the link to pick your session time & pay the fee


Receive your Welcome email and arrive to your virtual session ready to chat creativity! 

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This guide changed my perspective on self-expression and showed me how to release pent up emotions.

They spilled out allowing me to begin the healing process. I am forever grateful for what I've learned and the practices that have enabled me to process my creativity at a deeply emotional level.

Camila, C.

That's totally fine! This is the reason we are getting together; to find a path for your creativity and make it part of your life. 

We'll start with your normal creativity patterns and where you've dabbled in the past. The biggest step in this is your willingness to look at your creativity as a part of your daily life. 

No problem! Everyone is creative, despite what field we work in or how "artsy" we are! This session is meant to go deeper than what we might find at the surface.
Creativity is about innovation and can be found in every area! So no worries if you haven't ever picked up a paintbrush. The reason we're chatting is help you find creativity that is personal TO YOU!

Nope! No prior understanding of art, any art-type classes, or even the need to know how to knit, sculpt, paint, rhyme etc.! This is not a course on learning a skill, rather it's about finding how you are uniquely creative and how to expand that! 

Excellent! I'd love to be a sounding board on a project and find where you might be stuck. While I won't be able to offer extremely concrete advise (think on a particular skill etc.), I will push you to ask yourself the questions that could dislodge any block and get you on your way with your project.

I want to be fair and generous in giving us the time we need to hash through ideas and find a simple creative path for you. 50 minutes is enough time to get your thinking juices flowing and to sketch out any next steps. 

If you feel that you'd like to continue our talk, I always welcome setting up a follow up meeting. If you're interested we can chat about this as I offer a discounted rate for follow ups! 


Is it time for a Break-Thru?

Here's what you "get" with your 1:1 Creative Session

Time to talk through your creative burnout and steps to get through it

Actionable steps to begin to live creatively in ways that make sense for you

Better understanding of your inspiration and inner-self

A follow-up email with your creative "blueprint" made for you

i really loved this program!

 Cari is a brilliant creative who walks you through her journey as an artist with valuable lessons, learnings and vulnerable stories. she is the perfect combination of an encourager, cheerleader, teacher, challenger and counselor - her value is unmatched! 

AManda, J

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