Creative Burnout Coaching for Micro & Small Biz Creatives.

Ready to finally navigate out of the overwhelm, exhaustion, and self-doubt surrounding your creativity?  

Overcome Creative Burnout. 
Thrive in your Creative Calling.

Learn how

Rediscover your creative purpose & motivation.

Stop the feeling of "dread" around your creative work.

Feel secure in your creative identity and work again!

Let's face it.

Your feelings of defeat, cynicism, and exhaustion are being caused by Creative Burnout. 

And this burnout is affecting more than just your mood. It's affecting:
Your Identity as a creative.

Your quality of work. 

Your quality of life.
Your Identity as a creative.
Your quality of work. 
Your quality of life.

You could stay stuck in Creative Burnout or you could...

Overcome Creative Burnout and have your creative business support the full life you want to life.

Let's start this journey thru:

Personalized 1:1 Coaching

Let's assess. Burnout isn't an overnight occurrence! Together we can look at the details to determine your next best steps to beat burnout and get back to thriving in your creativity.

Build a Creative Wellness plan

The best remedy for Creative Burnout? Avoiding burnout in the first place. A tailored Creative Wellness practice is the key. Let's build a plan that'll help keep you from burnout!

Navigate out of Creative Burnout

Learn the best steps to navigate out of Creative Burnout in a way that feels authentic, helps fuel your creativity, and doesn't just add to your to-do list.

Learn more

meet your creative Burnout coach

I’m Cari and I'm here to help you thrive in your Creative Calling.

 I'm a creative who has experienced the deep woes of Creative Burnout. I worked in PR, international communication, creative writing, and small business project management. Through it all, I was yearning to create on my own but found I was so burnt out and could produce nothing. I was deep in Creative Burnout and had no idea!

The final straw came during my work at a small business where I was the *most* creative, but also the most exhausted. The experience led me to work on myself, learn all about healing from Creative Burnout, and finally decide this was not just a "me" problem; so many other creatives find themselves lost, depleted, and completely overwhelmed by their creative businesses.

Fast forward a few years and I've become a Creativity Coach specializing in Creative Burnout. My combined experiences led me to fully dedicate my energy to making sure every creative avoids the pit of burnout to THRIVE in their creative calling.

So, whether you're a creative working at a small business or a creative who owns their own, I just want you to know that what you're experiencing, the feelings of overwhelm, defeat, and just flat out exhaustion are REAL and valid and the worst... but they aren't what defines you. You *are* a highly creative being and your creativity is purposeful and good! Let's find a way to get you through the muck of Creative Burnout and back to the confident creative you are called to be!

Kind Words

 1:1 Creative Session Client

Cari is a brilliant creative who walks you through the journey with valuable lessons and learnings. She is the perfect combination of an encourager, cheerleader, teacher, challenger and counselor- Her value is unmatched! 

Working with Cari changed my perspective on self-expression and showed me how to release pent-up emotions... I am grateful for what I learned and the practices that have enabled me to process my creativity at a deeply emotional level.

 1:1 Creative Session Client

The Coaching Offers:

1 Day at a Time

want to experience the benefit of working with a coach before committing to the process? No problem! Let's take the intimidation out and instead pinpoint a struggle you're having with Creative burnout in your small biz.

One 60 minute 1:1 coaching session  

  • Guided Journal & worksheets 
  • INitial assessment 

Your Investment:


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1 Month Creativity Boost

A short and intense coaching package designed for  creatives to dig deep and reconnect with their creativity, Develop burnout prevention strategies, and gain insight into their burnout patterns & recovery. 

Four 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions 

  • Guided Journal & worksheets 
  • INitial assessment 
  • Personalized Burnout Prevention plan 

Your Investment:


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3 Month Burnout Bounce Back

An in-depth coaching package designed to support Creatives through deep personal awareness, Creative Burnout challenges, Developing a Creative Wellness Practice, and greater understanding of their role as a creative in their small business.

Six 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions, bi-monthly 

  • Guided Journal & worksheets 
  • INitial assessment 
  • Personalized Burnout Prevention plan
  • Email check-in support between sessions
  • Creative wellness plan 

Your Investment:



Here's how it works:

Sign up for the Coaching package of your choice!

The "1 day at a Time" takes you to a sign up form while the 1-month & 3-Month take you to schedule a free call to go over your coaching needs. 

Receive your assessment package prior to our first meeting. 

Once you're signed up, I'll send you a welcome packet with an assessment for you to fill out and return prior to our first meeting! This info will help me get a better understanding of your needs so we can get the best outcome during our time together!

Hop on our virtual meeting & start the journey of Creative Burnout recovery!

Now the fun can begin! Let's work through why you're stuck in your creativity, what's causing your creative burnout, and how we can find a way through and into thriving. 

So ready!

FREE download

The Interactive Guided Journal

A guided Creative Burnout Journal for micro & small business creatives & entrepreneurs

Download this *free* Interactive Guided Journal that helps break down four important aspects of Creative Burnout!

We explore: 
  • What Creative Burnout is
  • The Stages of Burnout
  • How to Avoid Creative Burnout 
  • How to Recover from Creative Burnout
It has guided journal pages to help you further explore your thoughts on the subjects PLUS 4 video components built right in! Just click and watch! 
You can download the Online Version or the Print Version. The Online Version comes with clickable links while the Print version has scannable QR codes!

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