I help small biz creatives avoid burnout so they can keep pursuing their creative calling.

You know that your creativity is a gift and a calling... but if this is true, why then do you feel so close to burnout all the time? 

*HINT* IT'S not because you don't love your creative work...

Then what is it?

Rediscover your creative purpose & motivation.

Stop the feeling of "dread" around your creative work.

Feel secure in your creative identity and work again!

the truth is

Your feelings of burnout are being caused by one main thing: Chronic Stress.

And this type of stress is causing:


Feelings of defeat, cynicism, & exhaustion.
Loss of joy in your creative work. 
negative ripple effects in other areas of your life.

(aka burnout!)

Hi, I'm Cari,
Your Creative Coach.

I'm here to help you thrive in your creative calling.

I know how debilitating and frustrating creative burnout can be! My goal is to help you move past the burnout with a  blueprint that moves you towards creative wellness. Thriving in your small biz is more than just about the numbers. It's about learning how to keep true to your personality, drive, and desires so that you can continue doing what you love!

I'm here to help you build that plan specific to you, so that you can learn how to navigate burnout and do what you were called to do. 




You could stay stuck in Creative Burnout or you could...

Overcome Creative Burnout and have your creative business support the full life you want to life.

Let's start this journey By:

Let's get to know YOU

Let's learn about you! Through learning more about your personality we can start to see how stress  unfolds. Burnout isn't an overnight occurrence! Together we can look at the details to determine your next best steps.

Build your Creative Wellness blueprint

The best remedy for Creative Burnout? Avoiding burnout in the first place. A tailored Creative Wellness Blueprint is the key. Let's build a plan that'll help keep you from burnout!

Navigate out of Creative Burnout

Learn the best steps to navigate out of Creative Burnout in a way that feels authentic, helps fuel your creativity, and doesn't just add to your to-do list.

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Kind Words

 1:1 Creative Session Client

Cari is a brilliant creative who walks you through the journey with valuable lessons and learnings. She is the perfect combination of an encourager, cheerleader, teacher, challenger and counselor- Her value is unmatched! 

Working with Cari changed my perspective on self-expression and showed me how to release pent-up emotions... I am grateful for what I learned and the practices that have enabled me to process my creativity at a deeply emotional level.

 1:1 Creative Session Client

Here's how it works:

Book a free call

Fill out the easy form to book a free call so that we can begin to see where we can start the burnout journey. It's totally free and you'll receive a follow-up email with a mini startup plan.  

Pick A plan

If you choose to continue to meet with me, you have the option to choose from several plans based on your preference. Once signed on, I'll send you assessment forms to get to know how best I can help you in your journey to overcoming burnout. 

Hop on our virtual meeting & start the journey

Once you send in your forms, the fun can begin! Let's work through why you're stuck in your creativity, what's causing your creative burnout, and how we can find a way through and into thriving. 

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