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Hi, I'm cari, your creative counselor

I'm really glad to find you here. I'm Cari and I have a passion for creativity! Over the years I've learned to tap into my own creativity, what truly makes me feel alive and in tune with myself, and it's this discovery that has led me to create Well-Made Heart. 

My career path had me bouncing around from different countries to different small businesses, but it was during these times that I learned that it often takes something difficult and trying to finally impulse you to create what your heart truly desires. 

It has always been my dream to create for myself but after time I found that my true dream was to encourage others to create from the heart. 

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It Started with Exhaustion

If you've ever found that you're exhausted, like exhausted down to your core- you know something has to give. This is where I found myself in the spring of 2020. I knew that something had to give. The job I was in was more than exhausting, it was actually getting increasingly more difficult to endure. And while I actually loved the work, I knew that I was burning myself out faster than I could replenish. I thought that perhaps I was just exhausted physically, or exhausted mentally, but the truth is that while I was all those things, I was also exhausted creatively.

Well-Made Heart started as a small DIY blog in 2016, and then turned into a hand-painted card company in 2019. Since taking the fast-paced creative job, I hadn't touched the site. I felt that all of my creative abilities had been funneled to the job and that I had nothing left to give creatively to myself. 

that felt heartbreaking.

It wasn't until I felt that I'd hit the point-of-no-return, where it was hard to recognize myself, my actions, my values anymore that I knew I had to shift completely. Whom I knew myself to be as a creative felt completely lost. I hadn't just lost my "muse". No, this was different! I felt that I had lost a huge purpose in my life. And, I'd had enough. 

have you felt this way before? 

When I finally slowed down, took time to process, and re-evaluate what felt important to me I realized that what I actually wanted wasn't just to create for the sake of creating (although, that's a beautiful, healthy thing!), I wanted to help others who felt just as burnt out, stuck, lost, or out of touch as I was. 

Finding and investing in this idea led me to transform what was a simple blog into a full-blown site dedicated to helping others find their personal creativity. And in doing so, i've been able to continue to learn about how creativity, slowing down and finding rest, and working with my hands is paramount to fueling purpose and presence in my life.  And it's precisely this that I am helping others discover as well! 

I'm here to help everyone understand that using your hands is good for your heart.

What about you?

do you feel:

✓  Exhausted mentally or creatively
✓  Lost in what you really deep down want to do
✓  Numb to yourself or your life
✓  As if your life might be passing you by 
✓  A stirring for something new in your life but your pace is so demanding & fast
✓  Frustrated because you feel you're missing an integral part of who you are
✓  As if you've lost your creative touch because of your work or environment
✓  Paralyzed to the creativity inside of you waiting to be tapped into

If you said "yes" to even one of these

you aren't alone.

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